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Paddle camp

Cindy Huston

“I have done several camps with Drew & Guy. Each time I learn something new. Their camp is the perfect way to get fine tuned and ready for the season. I would recommend Telluride Paddle Camp to any level player. It is awesome!”

— Cindy Huston, Ohio

Tom King

“I couldn’t dream about a better place to have a camp. Aside from how high end and beautiful the property is, the camp is first rate. The pace is fierce, you learn a ton, and in 3 short days, you definitely see an improvement in your game. Their system of teaching is very effective while being a lot of fun. It doesn’t get better than this!”

— Tom King, Pennsylvania

Tom Torter

“These guys know how to run a camp! They picked an amazing location and you spend a full 5 hours a day on the courts learning, playing, and drilling. Then at night (after massages and hot tubs), we eat and drink in Telluride. I feel like they improved my game a lot, and many of the guys back home noticed the improvement. I’d not only recommend it, I’m coming back!”

— Tom Torter, New Jersey

Denny Cusack

“What a great time! During the day we played hard and learned a lot from these guys who really know their stuff. They tweak every part of your game, from technique, to strategy, to offense and defense. They also teach you how to think 3-5 shots ahead of where you are in the rally. Very helpful. I took a lot back with me and applied it during my inter club season. And every night was drinking and eating great food with a super bunch of people. I’m definitely going to bring back a group of my team!”

— Denny Cusack, New Jersey